Best Weight Loss Retreats for Adults : 2019 Updates

With the world’s percentage of obesity rising daily, the importance of a weight loss retreat cannot be overstated. If you have tried weight loss diets or even registered in a gym, but can’t seem to shake off those extra pounds, then a weight loss retreat is the best place for you.

Deciding to attend a weight loss camp is easy, the tricky part becomes how to choose the best weight loss retreat. Choosing a weight loss camp that is tailored to your needs can be overwhelming, a hard choice to make with all the hundreds of weight loss retreat around and even more erected daily.

The Best Weight Loss Camp For Adults.

This article will highlight the different methods and approaches used in various weight loss retreats, ranging from their diets plans, daily exercise and overall techniques.

1. Fit Farm.

Fit farm offers a unique fitness and weight loss program that is sure to shed off those extra pounds on you. At fit farm, your workout and diet is customized to suit your Resting Metabolic Rate (R.M.T.), and they have teams of professionals that will support you throughout the program to ensure a healthy weight loss process. They also focus on changing current behaviors for fitness, eating, and general wellness.

A day at fit farm consists of 6 hours dedicated to daily health and fitness, plus an extra 1 hour to wellness activities that guarantees measurable weight loss and fitness results.

In addition to the weight loss programs, fit farm offers skydiving, whitewater rafting, and hiking the Appalachian Trail for all attendees.

They also have a “Weekend Warrior program”. This program – which starts from Thursday and ends Sunday – teaches you how to improve your health and fitness while having fun.

Fit farm is located in Tennessee and their cost for 1 week session starts at $399, for 3 weeks at $3,599 and for 6 weeks at $,399.

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2. Structure House.

Structure House is one of the best weight loss retreat for adults because they customize your experience based on your personal preferences.

Structure house doesn’t offer quick fixes or temporary solution, rather, they focus on scientifically-based principles of behavior change, nutrition, and fitness that are designed to help attendees develop lasting healthy lifestyle habits. Here, you’ll receive personalized guide to promote long-term healing from obesity in mind, body, and spirit.

Their packages provide individualized, holistic support as you work toward building a healthy lifestyle that would last even after completion.

3. The Biggest Loser Resort.

The Biggest Loser Resort was featured on NBC hit Reality show, “The Biggest Loser”, and offers the same weight loss techniques as the one used in the show. The resort promises unique weight loss programs that has been designed to teach everyday people the techniques needed to achieve sustainable weight loss and overcome their challenges with their weight. Participants partake in core strength training, cardio, water aerobics, cooking demonstrations and much more.

The resort also provides emotional, educational, physical and nutritional support from a team of highly qualified professionals.

A typical day at The Biggest Loser Resort starts the morning off with some light stretching and exercising, followed by a healthy gourmet breakfast. Afterwards you can enjoy a refreshing outdoor hike, and then attend a nutrition fundamentals class that will help you continue living a healthy lifestyle for when you return home.

But the most attractive feature about the resort is that after you burn away the calories with an intense all-day workout and boot camp training, you get to enjoy relaxing massage or spa treatment.

The resort has locations in Malibu, California; Ivins, Utah; Niagara, New York and Chicago.

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Cost for a 3 weeks session starts at $3,295 (for a private standard), $2,690 (for a shared standard) and $2,935 (for a private villa).

4. Unite fitness.

Unite fitness offers a hyper efficient, effective and perfectly balanced team work program that challenges your body without damaging your body.

They customize their workout routine and diet to fit your fitness level and needs, and also offer real-life nutritional training. The Unite Workout combines the necessary elements of cardio, strength training, and recovery in just the right ways with their nutrition program to provide the healthy results we all want. They guarantee: Lean body transformations, increased fitness and health, and more feel-good energy.

Unite fitness engages the mind-body approach which entails changing your body by changing your relationship with food. They also help combat stress with activities that help to promote mindfulness and relaxation.

With professional Coaches, Kick-ass workout routines and nutritionists, your weight loss journey can’t get any easier.

Unite fitness is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas.

5. Green Mountain at fox run.

Green mountain is more than just a weight loss retreat. It’s located at fox run, Vermont, and is the nation’s oldest retreat exclusively for women. This retreat helps women who struggle with weight, emotional eating, and binge eating. They approach health from all sides – fitness, nutrition, and mental –so as to attain and maintain a long lasting weight loss result.

Their program – which promises to permanently end weight loss struggles – is based on science and freedom of choice, and is structured to help you find peace with food and your body. Green Mountain is a women-only, safe environment that supports healing and personal development.

Understanding that a weight loss technique applied on a man might not effectively work on a woman – since men loose weight more easily – Green mountain have spent over four decades developing and refining their pioneering non-diet strategies to help women end the constant cycle of weight loss and regain. The resort houses only 40–45 women at a time.

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Green mountain are staffed with highly professionals such as well trained coaches, dietitians and doctoral level psychologist, who work hand in hand to ensure that your weight loss goal is achieved.

At the end of the day, after all the workshops and physical activity, you will get to relax with a soothing, therapeutic massage. The programs offered are one, two, three, or four-weeks long

6. Tennesse fitness Spa.

Tennessee fitness spa is a weekly program that is affordable and very effective. A typical day at Tennessee fitness spa begins by 8:00 a.m. with a warmup and a 60-minute fast pace walk either on land or in the pool. This is followed by 3 hours of aqua classes, indoor cycling, body toning, aerobics, weight training or Wallybal – your pick. D

Apart from the workout routines, unite fitness also has nutrition, cooking, health, and fitness classes. They also offer toning classes, aerobics, aqua aerobics, body toning, meditation, yoga, as well as educational workshops.

At the end of a long day, you get pampered in their massage rooms or better still have a relaxing time in their indoor swimming pool, sauna, racquetball court or hot tub.

With the wide array of activities to partake in, unite fitness spa provides a weight loss retreat that is sure to get rid of all those extra pounds.

With this lists, you will be able to pick a weight loss retreat that suits you and hopefully satisfies your needs. So make a choice today, pick a retreat and let your weight loss journey begin.

Have a good day.

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