Losing weight in 2019 : Does All The Old Tips Still Work?

There are various ways to Loose weight fast, ranging from workouts and diets, but many times these weight loss methods are hard and tiring, leaving you hungry and more susceptible to give up.

But they are actually several weight loss tips that are very effective and requires minimal effort. They are so easy that you can implement them into your everyday routine, and are not as tiring or stressful as workouts in the gym, or as extreme as many of the diet tips that are all over the internet.

Here are 5 steps you can follow to loose weight fast and easy in just seven days.


I know you might have heard this a thousand times already, but drinking water is an amazing weight loss technique that is easy and very effective. Drinking lots of water helps to boost your metabolism, cleanses your body of waste and also helps the body to stop retaining water, hence combats bloating and makes you to drop all those extra pounds of water weight.

You can also increase water intake into your body by eating high water content foods like Cucumber, Orange, Watermelon and Pineapple; these will help you stay full due to their high water content which reduces the amount of food intake.

The best time to take water should be before a meal, this makes you feel fuller and hence eat less. And for greater results, you should adopt the “8×8 rule” recommended by most nutritionists: Drinking eight eight-ounce glasses of water per day.


One common reason why many people have a trouble in loosing weight is sugar. You might have gone to the gym or even started a diet, but you can’t seem to shed weight fast enough; this is due to your large sugar intake.

One of the first thing you should have in mind if you want to loose weight fast, is to cut out any unnecessary food–sugar is on the top of this list.

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Sugar contains lots of calories that when taken in excess, the body stores the extra energy as fats. So make it a rule today to cut back on sugary products like Soda, Fruit juice (Many fruit juices are actually little more than fruit- flavored sugar water), yoghurt, cookies, cereals, energy drinks, etc.


Eating on a smaller plate is a diet plan that works like magic. If you decide today to switch up from your normal large plates and use smaller ones instead for a week, you will be amazed by the result.

How it works is more visual than magical. When you use small plate and fill it up, you visually see a large amount of food, and by so doing trick your brain into believing you have eaten a large portion of food, hence you feel full.

Also, small plates give you an instant reminder not to eat too much, unlike larger plates.

Remember that we naturally overfeed ourselves when we use large plates, because we tend to carry larger portions of food. But with a smaller plate, we can combat this.


Workouts are hard and tough, but there is no denying that we need to exercise to stay fit. Walking is one of the easiest exercise that anyone can do to loose weight. Incorporate this form of exercise in your day-to-day activities for a week, and notice the drastic change in your weight as you burn away those calories.

Its not going to be immediate, but as long as you are consistent, the results will show. That’s is why you need to start now and keep at it.

Walking can be done at anytime, but its also good to set a time for just walking, so as to boost your metabolism even more. You could walk for thirty minutes in the evenings or at night before dinner, Or you could choose to walk to work everyday, (if its close to your house) rather than take a bus.

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This very easy exercise can be overlooked most times, but its health benefits are countless; apart from weight loss, walking helps to reduce your risk of developing health conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer.


In general if you want to create space for something new, you have to get rid of something old. In the same way, if you want to loose weight (something new), you have to get rid of junk food (something old).

Junk foods are processed foods which consists of a large amount of sugar with hardly any nutrients, that do nothing but add weight.

By removing Junk food from your diet, you are basically granting yourself a fast, easy weight loss, with results that would be evident in a week.

This will not be easy, of course, that’s why there are several alternatives that are more healthy which can help in your transition from junk to healthy foods.

Junk foods to eradicate from your diet includes:

Sugary drink

Sugary drinks are one of the greatest contributors of weight gain.

When you take these drinks, your brain doesn’t register them as food, hence you end up hungry and eat another portion of calories, which is added to the already large amount of calories deposited by the drinks. A better alternative would be Water, soda water, coffee or tea.

White bread.

White breads are generally made from wheat, while some are made from refined wheat, which are all low in the needed essential nutrients. Whole grain bread is more preferable.

Most fruit juices.

Most fruit juice are loaded with sugar, and many aren’t even made from real fruits. It would be better to make your juice yourself, with fresh fruits that are high in nutrients.

Ice cream.

No one can deny how tasty an ice cream is, but the truth is that ice cream is one of the most unhealthiest food on the planet.

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Most ice creams are packed with sugar and are also high in calories, and since they can be easily eaten in large amounts, they deposit much more calories than any other food. A better choice would be to make your own ice cream with healthier ingredients and with less or no sugar at all.


A low- carb diet helps to drastically reduce ones weight, as less of carbs can reduce water weight and bloating.

Fibre on the other hand, increases the feeling of fullness when you eat them, hence it helps to reduce your appetite, reducing the amount of food you eat, which automatically reduces your calorie intake.

Foods high in Fibres includes: Apples, Green beans, Strawberries, Black beans, Brown rice, Oat meal and Avocado.


If you are hoping to loose weight fast, then protein should become your best friend. Apart from enabling you to loose weight– through loss of fats, protein helps you to gain “lean muscle.”

Fruits on the other hand are very low in calories and high in fibre. This makes them the ideal food for weight loss. Fruits such as Apples, Berries, Stone fruits, Grape, Oranges, Avacado and Kiwifruits are all excellent fruits that should be implemented into your diet to help reduce fats and also, due to their fibre content, they give a feeling of fullness that enables you to eat less.

If you follow the above steps, you will get the best weight loss result in a week. And remember, consistency is key, so when you start, don’t give up, keep at it no matter how hard and watch those pounds drop off you. Loosing weigh has never been easier.

Have a good day.

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